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Mar 26, 2014

AP fact: top 3 most bodily pain

The top 3 most bodily pain is passing kidney stone, stretching intestine, and child birth.

another interesting fact:
If baby is crying non stop and you tried everything to calm baby then it might have gas in large intestine/colon aka stretching the intestine. If I heard the AP professor explaining correctly he said to lotion pinky finger with vaseline and gently slide into baby's anus, should release the gas and stop the crying if that was the problem. I would have to look that up for the mechanism of why that helps.

Mar 21, 2014

Nutrition consultation about constipation

I had constipation since I was a kid. I made the nutrition consultation appointment mainly because I read online that taking laxatives regularly would weaken the smooth muscle in the gut, so the natural process of pooping would be hard. I didn't want that.

This school year I was taking herbal pills for constipation regularly but have taking it on and off. I didn't want that long term. And another reason was that, I had difficulties squeezing this hard piece of poo out a few weeks ago. [warning: next sentence about pooping] I struggled for about an hour for that huge chunk of poo out. I was excreting pebbles of poop and this poo was packed with poo pebbles. I don't know about y'all but I alway have my foot on a bucket/stool/ anything that elevate my legs while I poop. I was sweating, uncomfortable, and want this poo out. When I finally got it out, there was some blood on my toilet paper. It kind of freak me out.

Fiber can't be absorb in the intestine. It is important to drink huge amount of water. I learned that you should pee regularly every 2 hours.

Heres a summary:
She consult me to first drink lots of water, particularly, hot water would be best. 16oz in morning, lunch, dinner, night. And drinking tea or coffee or any caffeine would help stimulate/wake the gut, 1 cup a day.

Second, increase fiber intake. She recommend 1/2 cup of Fiber 1 wheat cereal which has 14gram of fiber, half the amount of fiber (30g) you should eat per day.

Third, meals. Eat plenty of veggies, buy whole wheat products, and fruits (apple, berries, pears, prunes...), eat more than you usually eat.

And alway walking or running would help move the bowls

Dietitian kept mentioning "stool softener" if the dieting isn't working.

AP Fact

If I remember correctly, The profe said that the normal glucose level is 90 (not sure about the units), however the average has rise to 100. Thus 100 has been used as the normal level.

Emergency Couple

Made Resse's bottom cheesecake!

I garnished the cheesecake differently as I work along the recipe with the ingredients I had. I didn't want to go and buy a box of Graham Cracker and use it once. So I had some chips ahoy - chunky chocolate chunk and just crushed some cookies. I also had bar of chocolate so I shave it with a grater. I also bought mini reese cups and hide some cheesecake with mini reeses in the center.

There were different sizes in the stores so I bought party size bag, big cup and mini reeses. The party and big cup were small, didn't fit perfectly on the bottom of cupcake pan. There was also a super size one that I didn't buy, might have fit.

Also I made my own no bake cheese cake.

Cheesecake filling:
pack of cream cheese, soften
1 cup (or 1/2 pint) heavy whipped cream
1 tsp vanilla
1/4 cup sugar (the reeses was sweet enough, didn't want it to de sweeter, could add less)

Electric mixture, in bowl, smooth the cream cheese then add sugar, till creamy and add vanilla, keep mixing.

The filling wasn't liquidly so it was hard spreading and filling the paper cups.

While I my friend was crushing the cookie, I can use a cookie as the "bottom crust."

My friend froze his batch and he said it taste like ice cream and the reese was too sweet.

Secret Love Affair

So far, 2 episode out, and I love it! This raw intense passion for music and chemistry.